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The second in The Green Beans series by author Robert Newberry!

Hear What People are saying about Green Beans!

L. Taubenfeld, LMHC, Therapist

I very much enjoyed it...Your style of writing is so inviting and inspires the reader to want to become engaged.  The anecdotes are wonderful and make the trials of parenting realistic.

R. Holz, School Counselor, parent, grandparent

A quality read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  This would be a helpful resource for any parent.

D. Ludovici, School Administrator, parent, grandparent

I think the book is great, so full of food for thought!

J. Burmingham, School Counselor

Loved the revised version!

Amazon Reviews:

"Excellent book, very easy to read and engaging. I enjoyed the personal touches and stories throughout the book. I will recommend this book to the parents I work with in my professional setting, as well as use it in my every day parenting of my children." -  B. Abbey


"This is a MUST READ for anyone who interacts with children. As an elementary teacher for over 20 years, I can say that Green Beans and Legacies is the most influential book I’ve read in a long time. It is well written and full of personal and relevant reflections all parents can relate to. This book will become part of my library on loan to parents of my students. As a father, the lessons and stories in this book often helped my be a much better parent." -  C. Clarke


"The book is a quick read, but one whose readers will consult regularly. It is entertaining, empowering, informative, and inspiring. A copy of this book should be placed in the hands of every parent and grandparent."

"I intend to share it with my son, daughter and granddaughter, knowing that they will be better parents for having read and followed the suggestions in this book. I highly recommend that you do likewise."

 - M Seagriff


"No matter  what stage of raising your children you are at, this book will provide the kind of guidance that is needed in such a journey. I have found other parenting and family focused books to be overwhelming, Robert Newberry gives a thoughtful perspective on how the difficult work of raising children can be rewarding and enjoyable. I simply loved every bit of it!" - A. Matthews


"This book was a joy to read, and a "must have" for all parents, grandparents and anyone who has the privilege of influencing children, growing up. I think it should be mandatory reading for all parents of young children." - F. Pisano

About the Author

Robert Newberry has built a professional legacy of excellence as an educator, counselor and therapist with multiple populations, settings and circumstances ranging from rural and urban upstate New York, to at-risk students in south Texas and teens of deployed National Guardsmen in New Hampshire.

In doing this, he has: 

  • Developed pioneering programming that helps young people from rural and urban areas achieve and excel in spite of personal loss, adversity, and challenges; 
  • Lectured for numerous regional, state and national professional conferences, and public and private organizations on various themes relating to helping young people become resilient achievers and pursuers of excellence; 
  • Authored numerous publications for parents and educators regarding raising and educating successful children. These include a subscription and web based bi-weekly column for educators and monthly column for parents which was the basis of the original Green Beans and Legacies. 

Robert Newberry claims, however, that his most important accomplishment is being married to his wife, Mary Jo for 44+ years. Together they have raised three great adult children who have enabled them to be grateful and enthusiastic grandparents of 10 tremendous grandchildren. 

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